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Man holding a shark in his arms

Stop Shark Finning

They published the Support Our Shark resource to help raise awareness on the illegal shark finning around the world. The resource also jots the number of sharks being killed every year. Based on their report, the shark killings increases every year. They need more supporters to get attention of the people who practice shark finning.

Girls participating save the Earth Campaign

WWF Global

WFF organization has collaboration with many partners in helping to save the earth. Their campaign is not limited in saving the ocean but also other environmental campaigns needing support and attention. Their organization focus on six major natural resources: Forest, oceans, wildlife, climate & energy, food, and freshwater.

Collected Trash from the ocean floor


UNEP.ORG launched #CleanSeas campaign for the purpose of creating awareness on the increasing numbers of plastic being thrown to our oceans everyday. The campaign creates pressure to the government to pass laws to reduce production of plastics, and minimize the industries involved in creating plastics. According to the organization. we already have enough plastics to reuse, there is no need to produce high numbers of plastics which only ending up being thrown to oceans.

Our world is crying for help! Let us not cover our ears to her cry. We need to move and act fast. Globalization has made so much damage already, there is no need to add more. Listen to Mother Earth. Let us protect her forest, wild life, ocean, seas and let us conserve her energy. If only we listen to her, the only time we understand our purpose.