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Protect The Ocean

Ocean is one of the most important resources we have, we cannot take it for granted. More business are being established everyday, to market products coming from the ocean including pearls and caviars. The result of the increasing numbers of businesses who rely on the resources that can be found in the ocean,  is the consistent illegal practices which cause damage to our ocean. How can you help?

We provide you not only recommendations on how you can get quality products concerning pearls and caviars but also to highlight the companies who observe best practices to minimize the damage. We need to support these companies as they also support the well-being of our ocean. Part of the revenue they get from selling their products goes to helpful campaigns.

Stop destructive fishing practices!

Muro ami

Is one of the old fishing practices that contributes to massive coral damage. The practice includes the smashing of corals to scare the fish out, to get high chances of catching. They also massively collect shells to get the precious pearls without any license and authorization from the government. Muro ami was an issue concerning forced child labor.

Cyanide Fishing

Cyanide fishing involves use of cyanide solution to stun coral fishes for easy catch. This practice increased and became a major problem in massive coral destruction due to the support of high class restaurants to groups of fishers who practice it. High class restaurants features endangered species of fish to serve them on a plate for an expensive price not knowing the priceless effects it cause in the ocean.

Let us understand that we cannot undo the damages we make to our ocean. There will be a time that we will look back and realize how we failed miserably in protecting our resources. Everything we do to our resources bounce back to us.  Protect the ocean and other resources, and save the future.