Pearl Necklace on stone


How Pearls are Produced?

Pearls are beautiful pieces produced by living shelled mollusk, they produce pearls using their mantle and soft tissues. Shelled mollusks initiate pearl production whenever little substances get trapped within its mantle fold. In search of pearls, clams are being killed to get a single piece of pearl, this kind of activity increases every year. This is bad for our ocean environment, there has to be limitations to this kinds of activities in the ocean. Read the latest update on this issue about illegal pearl hunting in

How To Determine a Pearl’s Value?

Pearls is made of calcium carbonate, crystallized into small rounded pieces. The perfect pieces are smooth and perfectly in rounded shape, though not all pearls are round, there are pieces that has inconsistent shape, called baroque pearls. A pearl’s value depends on its unique luster and where it came from, a pearl can  be cultured, natural or just an imitation. The highest value of all, are the pearls that came from the sea, produced by the natural shelled mollusk pearl production process which could take a very long period of time. Pearls have different colors: white, black, pink, green and etc. The difference between the authentic and the fake ones is hard to find, check the guidelines in determining a pearl’s authenticity

Where To Buy Authentic Pearls?

Now a days, it is difficult to find reliable source of authentic pearls. If you don’t have the knowledge in scrutinizing a piece of jewelry, you are at risk of getting the wrong thing. Make sure that before buying any piece of jewelry to check the tips and tricks from Provided below are reputable companies where you can buy an authentic pearl jewelry. They have a wide selections of designs you can choose from.

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