Caviar in can


What is Caviar?

If you are a Caviar newbie, you maybe asking what is this odd looking little rounded things on your food. Caviar is made from salted fish eggs of the Sturgeon fish family. The best Caviar would be the fresh or uncultured Sturgeon eggs, the freshness determines its price. Caviar’s taste compliments many dishes. It can be used as toppings and/or a designing element to make a dish look expensive. Chefs love caviar because it provides an exotic taste to every dishes they make. Caviar is not new in the food industry, it has been around for centuries, in fact it is one of the oldest delicacies.

Benefits of Eating Caviars

This amazing dish does not only make your food delicious, it also offers healthy benefits to those who consume it. Caviar has essential proteins and nutrients that prevents impotence. Men who are suffering from impotence are prescribed to eat Caviar to help them recover. It contains good amount of fatty acids like Omega 3 which can help reduce stress and depression. This dish is highly recommended in treating psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder. It is also a great substitute for chocolates which contains high amounts of sugars blamed for blood sugar irregularities, diabetic people can consume Caviars because it is healthy and good for maintaining blood sugar. Another benefit of eating Caviar is it compliments wine, it makes you wine taste a lot better.

Where You Can Get Quality Caviars?

You can get Caviars from any supermarket but it would be best to research each brands to get your money’s worth. Knowing reputable brands is important to make sure that the Caviars you will bring on your plate are preserved the right way. You will save your self from food poisoning. Here are the top quality brands that we recommend:

Sterling Caviar
Caviar Star Brand
Royal Caviar brand