Newbie’s Ultimate Guide on How to Eat Caviars

By on March 12, 2017
Caviar used as toppings

Caviar is an exciting dish to add in your eating adventures. It is no ordinary dish, so consume it the worthy way. It has strong flavor which sometimes is overpowering. There are proper ways on how you can add them to your dish and how to eat them without puking in the end. Read through our list of tips and tricks.

Don’t Keep Fresh Caviars in The Fridge For More Than 3 Days

Fresh caviars are the best. It is free of salt and additives found in preserved and canned caviars, a healthy way of reducing your salt intake. But its freshness can cause it to be vulnerable to spoilage. Make sure to only buy the quantity you can finish within a day or 3 days the most. Storing caviars in the fridge reduce its freshness and expose you to risk of ingesting bacterias that may lead to food poisoning.

Eating Caviars is Best With Wine

Instead of eating dessert during wine sessions, you can eat Caviars instead. Its saltiness and fish-like taste is perfect with wine. It gives your wine the taste of additional flavor and the properties found in Caviar combined with wine can make your drinking session more interesting. Caviar has mood lifting properties used to treat physiological disorders. Scientific studies supports that eating Caviar is a perfect replacement for chocolates when it comes to releasing endorphins to your brain.

Don’t Use Metallic Utensils in Serving Caviars

When eating Caviars, make sure to use plastic, glass, and or ceramic utensils as the metallic utensils can cause its fabulous taste to alter. To get the highest pleasure from eating Caviars, use the right utensils. Metallic utensils have the tendency to make the Caviar taste metallic and bitter.

Little Caviar Goes a Long Way

Don’t eat Caviar as if your eating pizza. It is meant to be eaten in small quantities to experience and savor its rich flavor. As mentioned here, Caviar has a strong flavor that can be overpowering so make sure that you only eat it sparingly. You can eat it alone or use as toppings on bread and crackers.

Make Your Food Classy By Adding Some Caviars

Mix Caviars to your favorite cracker and don’t forget to add some cheese, it is perfect that way. Caviars compliment food with herbs and spices, it gives them a tangy twist that will make you want for more.

So far that’s it. You just successfully level up in your knowledge of Caviars and how to eat it properly. Follow the tips and tricks we provided you, and we promise you can’t go wrong. Eating is indeed one the most exciting pleasures of life combined with Caviar, it makes it even more pleasurable.


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Beautiful World of Pearls

By on February 28, 2017
Black Pearls

Types of Pearls:

South Sea Pearls

It is considered to be the most expensive type of pearls due to the time required in cultivating this type of pearl. South Sea pearls can be found in Myanmar, Australia and Indonesia. This pearl is perfect for classic pieces of jewelry combined with gold and silver. It has limited color selection because Pinctada Maxima is the only source, it can only produce limited colors unlike with other pearl producing shells. White, Silver, and gold are the only colors you can choose from if you choose to buy this type of pearls. But this rare type of pearls can give you glow as you wear it as an accessory.

Freshwater Pearls

Fresh water pearls are the easiest to cultivate compared to South Sea pearls. There is also a great deal of difference when it comes to price. Fresh water pearls are luminous and perfectly round type of pearls. However, they are the cheapest type of pearl. This irony was due to the mass production of freshwater pearls by the Chinese. They believed that cultivating shells to produce pearls twice faster than the normal cultivation practices, will help them produce more pearls and gain revenue. And they were right, they produced more pearls than other countries however it caused the value to decrease as it became common.

Tahitian Pearls

Here is another expensive and rarest type of pearl, the Tahitian pearls. The Black Lipped oysters are the only ones who can produce this type of pearls thus making them very rare. The Black Lipped oysters can be found in the waters of French Polynesia. They can produce big black pearls, thanks to their size. They are big type of oysters compared to others. Their sizes range from 8 mm to about 25 mm in diameter.

Black pearls are the most common Tahitian pearls you can find in the market today but they can also produce other beautiful colors such as silver, gray, yellow, bronze, gray, pink and green over tone and other colors.

Black Lipped oysters faced a near extinction in 1950’s when it became well-known for its pearls. To prevent their extinction, their species were scattered in different countries where they could survive.

Akoya Pearls

For decades now, Japan has been successful in cultivating high quality Akoya pearls. Pinctada Fucatada are responsible for producing Akoya pearls. They can produce 2 to 10 mm pearls, which has been the standards of quality pearls jewelry makers. Akoya pearls has the cleanest surface quality and has the highest luster compared to other pearls. The price is perfect for its value.


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